Vineland Survival

Vineland Survival is an immersive survival server, designed to be relaxing, peaceful, and realistic. Vineland Survival has realistic limitations, such as fewer inventory slots, placing speed limits, differences in tree cutting, stone-throwing, knock-out mechanic, and more! Vineland Survival has a modified texture pack to add to the peaceful vibe of the server, in addition to calming background music, bird sounds, and realistic-sounding weather, complete with puddles, wind effects on player, and more!

Vineland Survival supports 0.4, 5.0+, or multicraft.

Address: port 48060


Co-Owner: _Roselle_

Maintainer: Edgy1

Host: Edgy1, Maksym

Admins: wsor, Hoff

Administrative Contact

To contact server staff about an issue, idea, or to report misbehavior, please use the form below.