Minetest-luk3yx-4 snap running on Manjaro Linux

Minetest-luk3yx-4 is a beautiful spin of Minetest 0.4 with backported bugfixes and features from Minetest 5.0, as well as some additional added features, such as main menu music, and a password manager. Backported features include pitch fly, autojump, content pages, and more.

Minetest-luk3yx-4 is available for Linux and Windows.

The easiest way to get on Linux is through the snap, which includes automatic updates. Get this by typing “sudo snap install minetest-luk3yx-4”.




If you need support for minetest-luk3yx-4, or you have any questions, suggestions, or bug reports, Please click below to join our new IRC channel or connect to #mt4 on xeroxIRC with any client.