Welcome to EdgyIRC!

EdgyIRC is an open public IRC network that serves the Minetest community with #Edgy1 and #ls-servers. It is also the home of the Immortals guild by BurningPrincess. Please hit “Connect to EdgyIRC Online” below to connect to our IRC!

To connect to EdgyIRC, please hit the connect button above or type “/server irc.edgy1.net” in any IRC client. Ports are default.

EdgyLounge and EdgyZNC are free for all EdgyIRC users. Both are bouncers that allow you to be always connected and receive messages when you are back. They also allow you to connect from multiple devices. EdgyLounge uses an easy web-based interface, whereas EdgyZNC is made for advanced users with real IRC clients. Talk to Edgy1 if you would like one of these.

Network Channels:

  • #BlockCity: Home of BlockCity creative, an awesome friendly creative server (5.0)
  • #chat: EdgyIRC offtopic chat channel
  • #Edgy1: Edgy1’s main channel, home of many minetest servers
  • #EdgyIRC: EdgyIRC network channel, for network-related discussion
  • #ls-servers: Home of LS Wonderland, the largest creative server on minetest (0.4)
  • #TheRealm: BurningPrincess’s Immortals guild channel


Server Admin Location Status
ma.edgy1.net Edgy1 Massachusetts, USA DOWN
bp.edgy1.net BurningPrincess United Kingdom DOWN*
rus.edgy1.net Ruslan1 California, USA UP
mc.edgy1.net Mesecrafted01 Pennsylvania, USA UP
* bp.edgy1.net is down because of reliability issues that will be fixed soon

Network Admins: Edgy1 (owner), luk3yx, BurningPrincess, longerstaff13