Minetest Hosting

EdgyNet offers premium Minetest hosting. Servers can be based on any version of Minetest or MultiCraft. MultiCraft is recommended, as it contains many improvements and allows connections from 0.4 or 5.0 players. Also, MultiCraft servers are boosted on MultiCraft lists. (Majority of MT players use MultiCraft lists)

Premium hosting is guaranteed to be responsive, lag-free, and hosted on very good hardware. Premium hosting comes with two options: a hosting panel, or more advanced SSH-management.


1 server$6.00 USD$60.00 USD
2 servers$10.00 USD$100.00 USD
*Paying yearly saves you $12. Future rate changes will apply only to new users.

If you are interested in premium Minetest Hosting, Please use the form below, or find Edgy1 in IRC or Discord.