Welcome to EdgyNet!

EdgyNet is a growing collaborative network centered around Minetest, an open-source block game that brings many more features, mods, and possibilities, than minecraft, or virtually any other game. EdgyNet features EdgyIRC, a growing 4-server IRC network with an average of 110 users at a time, Edgy Discord, a Discord server with lots of IRC relays and over 1100 users, and many minetest servers fully connected with EdgyIRC and Edgy Discord. Most of our minetest servers now run on the MultiCraft engine, supporting 0.4 and 5.0 connections.

Our People

Owner: Edgy1

Co-owners: luk3yx, Srinivas, wsor

Developers: Kiwi, luk3yx, Maksym, Srinivas, wsor

Hosts: Edgy1, Maksym

Hosting manager:

Network game admins: Alandor, Edgy1, Gracye, Kiwi, Noah, oku, olliy, Ruslan1, Santy2, wishingirl, wsor

IRC staff: CeeGee, Kiwi, luk3yx, Moonpie, olliy, wsor

IRC moderators: IRC staff, kithx, Ruslan1

Discord Supervisor: wsor

Discord admins: DI3HARD139, luk3yx, olliy, wsor

Discord moderators: Alandor, bobmacphee, davey, Gracye, hijenavuk, JustJay, Kiwi, MeseCrafted01, meseking, lminus, UnknownOne


edgy1.netCanadaWebsite, minetest, ZNC, EdgyLounge
fi.edgy1.netFinlandminetest, event logging
ovh.edgy1.netCanadaEdgyIRC, IRC services, relays and bots
rus.edgy1.netUnited Statesminetest

Game Servers

Conrad’s Survivalcs.edgy1.net48065anyConradish006
Dragon Realmsdr.edgy1.net48105anyKiwi
Empire of Legendsmt.edgy1.net30006anyAlandor
Frost Factionsff.edgy1.net48012anyolliy
Frost Factions Originalff.edgy1.net48013anyolliy
Grand Theft Auto Minetestgta.edgy1.net480000.4Ruslan1
IN Wonderlandkry.edgy1.net30003anyItzNoah
Majestic Landsml.edgy1.net48101anyKoda
Silver Cityjo.edgy1.net48115anyjoshoua
Survivalworks Urban Editionsw.edgy1.net480055.0+Edgy1
Vineland Survivalvine.edgy1.net48060anyEdgy1
Wild Wild Westmerc5.kith.tech31005anyJustJay
Wishful Springtimews.edgy1.net48032anywishingirl