Welcome to EdgyNet!

EdgyNet is a growing collaborative network centered around Minetest, an open-source block game that brings many more features, mods, and possibilities, than minecraft, or virtually any other game. EdgyNet features EdgyIRC, a growing 4-server IRC network with an average of 90 users at a time, Edgy Discord, a Discord server with lots of IRC relays and over 500 users, and many minetest servers fully connected with EdgyIRC and Edgy Discord. Most of our minetest servers now run on the MultiCraft engine, supporting 0.4 and 5.0 connections.


ma.edgy1.netUnited StatesFile server
ovh.edgy1.netCanadaEdgyIRC, IRC services, minetest, relays and bots
kry.edgy1.net (edgy1.net)CanadaWebsite, minetest, ZNC, EdgyLounge
rus.edgy1.netUnited Statesminetest, EdgyIRC
nri.edgy1.netUnited Statesdiscontinued